Thursday, 18 July 2013

LeeFest 2013

Last Sunday I had my first photo pass for a festival, the wonderful LeeFest, originating as a house party that kept getting bigger. It features many up and coming artists and those that are already well known names, such as The Skints, Delphic, The Noisettes and King Charles. I was only there for the Sunday but it gave me a good opportunity to test out my new Nikon D800 and get a practice at festivals before I do Lounge On The Farm. I loved the results and the D800 gave me fantastic results and incredible quality. That's what you get from the price and 36.3mp.
Here are selection of my favourites and the rest can be found here
If you ever get the opportunity to go to LeeFest then I urge you to take it. It was such a lovely atmosphere, such friendly people and great music for what you pay.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Little life update

My first LEGAL pint
He even got the big nose right
This Saturday, 6th July, I finally had my 18th birthday and it was fantastic. I spent the day in London, accompanied by my mum and brother, and headed to East London to visit Spitalfields market and Brick Lane. I had buffalo wings for the first ever time, although I should have waited as there was a 'food festival' further on with the nicest smells wafting out of the pans on stalls serving food from every country imaginable. I then browsed the vintage shops but was disciplined and did not buy anything, although I was asked to model for the website of one of them and, as I will be getting paid for it, may take them up on this offer. Before we left I had my portrait done, Victorian style, by silhouette artist Matyas Selmeczi who cuts your side profile out of black card in just 3 minutes. I had dinner with my family and then headed to the pub with my best friend to enjoy the more typical benefits of this age. We were joined by a few other friends and it turned in to a lovely evening. The next day I had church where everyone was wonderful and sang happy birthday to me. In the afternoon we had a barbecue at home along with several of our closest family friends, some that have known me since I was born. It was a wonderful afternoon in the sun, made even better by Murray finally winning Wimbledon. Everyone was incredibly generous and I am now able to purchase my dream camera that should allow me to begin a long and fruitful career in photography, the Nikon D4. 

Speaking of careers, I recently sent in an application for a teaching assistant position at a local special needs school designed specifically for autistic children. As I have a lot of experience working with children, including my Godson who is autistic, it is a fantastic opportunity, coupled with excellent pay and hours which would allow me to also do my photography. Fortunately I must have given off a good impression and my application was accepted, meaning I have an interview at 9 this Friday. I am incredibly excited but so very nervous. 

Everything seems to be moving on and my summer is just getting started. I feel so content and want things to carry on as they are.

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Yesterday I visited Canterbury with my family, to shop and then watch Kent Spitfires vs New Zealand in the cricket for my Dad's birthday. I of course wandered off with my camera and here are a few of my favourite shots from the day. I felt more confident shooting in the streets and I believe it paid off in the pictures I got. There rest can be found here and here

Friday, 21 June 2013

The Strypes

The Strypes
Tonight I went to my first gig in a long time, owing to a hectic period of revision and A Level exams. Thankfully they are now over and I was able to travel to London and see The Strypes' matinee gig at O2 Academy Islington. It was incredibly strange being in avenue so early for a gig and it was a shame that it was the matinee performance, only half filling the venue, however you do not this notice once they are on stage. 

The band, renowned for their talent, age, ranging from 16 to 17, and inspirations drawn from early blues rock, hail from Cavan, Ireland and their performances and releases of 'You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover', initially by Bo Diddley, and their own song 'Blue Collar Jane' have won them major 'celebrity' fans, such as Paul Weller,  Dave Grohl, Noel Gallagher and Elton John, who signed them to his label Rocket Music Management before they decided to move to Mercury Records.

Josh McClorey of The Strypes
Immediately you can see why they have drawn comparisons to The Stones, with lead singer Ross Farrelly exhibiting Jagger-esque energy and all four members showing an exquisite musicianship far beyond their years, particularly in both Farrelly and bassist Pete O’Hanlon on the harmonica. They completely owned the stage and crowd from the off, even starting with new songs and covers of songs such as 'She's So Fine' and 'I'm A Hog For You Baby' that perhaps a young matinee audience, dominated by teenage girls, may not have recognised, although B side 'What The People Don't See' went down a storm. When they eventually reached their more well know releases, playing the three singles 'Hometown Girl', Blue Collar Jane' and 'You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover' in a succession, the crowd were left in ecstasy. The highlight of the evening was the next song, 'CC Rider', and it gave me a complete sense of awe as I witnessed a young band, with musical wisdom and ability that would expected from those way beyond their ages, tearing it up on stage, with harmonica and tambourine infused guitar riffs and beautiful bass lines held together with passion and skill on the drums from Evan Walsh.

Perhaps their youth came though when lead singer Farrelly broke the microphone and almost fell off of stage,but a quick smile and laugh with his band mates left everything alright and he and guitarist Josh McClorey continued to strut the stage with, not an ego, but a sense that they love what they are doing and know how to do it well. It blows my mind that they are all younger than myself but have achieved so much already. Hats off to The Strypes for a truly wonderful and memorable performance, and I look forward to seeing the great things that they are destined for in the future.


Saturday, 1 June 2013


I have the past week camping with family and friends in Bexhill, Sussex. It was really pleasant, apart from the occasional downpour and was ended with a barbecue on the beach, a run in the amusements arcade, a round of crazy gold and a meal in the Italian we all loved earlier in the week, just like old times. It feels as though things are coming to an end and this may well be one of the last family holidays I am a part of. Growing up is scary but rather thrilling at the same time.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the trip.



Thursday, 16 May 2013

Lucy Rose at Shepherd's Bush Empire

Two nights ago I made the rash decision to buy a ticket for Lucy Rose's Shepherd's Bush gig, arguably her biggest show to date. I arrived alone having only purchased the ticket 2 hours before and joined a massive queue to get it. I luckily managed to get myself reasonably close to the front and was able to admire the beauty of the venue, it being my first time there. Lucy was wonderful, as per usual, and played a great mixture of songs from her first album, 'Like I Used To', and a collection that she hopes to put on a new record, much to the excitement of the crowd. I would love to review it in full but exams and revision prevent me from doing so. Instead you can read one from my friend Hannah, who I was able to meet on the night. It was however a great evening, perhaps marred by an annoying crowd, full of screaming teenage girls, boys trying to impress them and even two friends talking about the use of vibrators during sex. Stop that.

The night however was made rather better by the fact that I MET BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB AND RAE MORRIS. 
Bombay are a band that I have loved for a long time now, having seen them play two of their largest shows, Alexandra Palace and Reading Festival's main stage, and have wanted to meet them for a long time now. As I was leaving the standing area I saw Rae, who I have spoken to a few times, and she came over, hugged me and chatted for a bit. She said she had to leave, hugged me again and told me to keep in contact, also mentioning that she kept up to date with my stuff on Twitter and Facebook. Crazy stuff. It was at this moment that I saw Suren, drummer of Bombay Bicycle Club and realised they had all been there watching. I was able to meet Jack, Ed and Suren (unfortunately not Jamie), got pictures with Ed and Jack and Suren and Ed's autographs. Jack Steadman is one of my all-time  favourite artists and people and just wow. I fan-girled a little bit. I was also able to have a long chat with Ed Nash about gigs, seeing them live and other stuff which was fantastic. It was genuinely a fantastic evening and an incredible moment, meeting one of my all time favourite bands, seeing a fantastic singer live again and also meeting a very talented up and coming singer. So glad that I decided to go.

Jack Steadman and I